In the second season of Bigg Boss OTT, the house was filled with intense emotions, as clashes, romantic encounters, and loyalty challenges took center stage. Within just one week, the show managed to captivate the viewers’ interest, keeping them engaged throughout. The contestants deserve commendation for their ability to create surprising moments and entertain the audience. In the latest episode, several unforgettable highlights unfolded, leaving the viewers excited and eagerly anticipating what will happen next. Here are five must-watch moments from the seventh episode of this season:

  1. Palak and Jiya Address Falaq as ‘Thakur’:

    During the first captaincy task of the season, Falaq Naazz took charge. However, not everyone in the house was pleased with her leadership. Palak Purswani and Jiya Shankar had a conversation where they discussed Falaq’s growing dominance and referred to her as the ‘Thakur’ of the house. Palak confidently predicted that Falaq’s reign would be short-lived. Jiya added that Falaq and Avinash Sachdev shared a strong bond, but she believed their connection wouldn’t last much longer.
  2. Heated Argument Erupts Between Bebika Dhurve and Abhishek Malhan:

    As Bebika Dhurve found herself confined, Bigg Boss assigned her a task to analyze people’s expressions and uncover their true personalities. The selected individuals for this task were Jiya Shankar, Manisha Rani, Pooja Bhatt, and Abhishek Malhan. Bebika carefully observed Abhishek’s face and criticized him for being two-faced. She also advised him to refrain from plagiarizing content, despite acknowledging his creative abilities. This led to escalating tensions between Bebika and Abhishek, resulting in a heated argument. Abhishek sarcastically suggested that Bebika should introspect and reconsider her own actions before silencing others. The situation intensified as both engaged in a verbal altercation, exchanging mean and hurtful remarks.
  3. Playful Banter Between Jad Hadid and Akanksha Puri near the Jail

    Jad Hadid and Akanksha Puri engage in a light-hearted exchange as they find themselves in close proximity to the jail. Jad openly discusses his sleeping habits, humorously mentioning his preference for either wearing boxers or sleeping naked. Teasing Akanksha mischievously, Jad playfully suggests that if they were to sleep together, she would have some interesting encounters, leading to a shared laughter between them. Amidst their conversation, Jad playfully brings up the idea of getting married to Akanksha, causing her to blush. However, Akanksha expresses her need for some time to understand the dynamics of their relationship before taking it to the next level.
  4. Palak Purswani Faces a Challenging Task from Bigg Boss

    After successfully completing their assigned task, Aaliya Siddiqui and Bebika Dhurve are released from jail. However, Akanksha Puri remains confined inside. Bigg Boss then presents Palak Purswani with a difficult decision – either release Akanksha from jail or use 30,000 BB currency coins to acquire essential rations for the entire house. Palak finds herself torn between personal relationships and the welfare of the entire household, facing a loyalty dilemma. The other contestants attempt to convince Palak that obtaining rations for the house is crucial due to the limited food supplies. Under mounting pressure, Palak ultimately chooses to prioritize securing rations over releasing Akanksha from jail. Despite her decision, Akanksha holds no ill feelings towards Palak and understands the difficult choice she had to make.
  5. Jiya Shankar and Palak Purswani Rebuild Their Relationship

    Jiya Shankar and Palak Purswani, who had a tumultuous relationship prior to entering the Bigg Boss 16 house, seem to have found a way to mend their differences after living together. In a heartfelt conversation, both Jiya and Palak opened up about their feelings and revealed that they had independently made a decision to maintain some distance from each other. Jiya admitted that she initially believed they would never speak again. However, in a significant turning point, Jiya expressed to Palak that while their issues may not be completely resolved, they no longer hold the same weight for her. She conveyed that having Palak by her side meant a lot, and she acknowledged the unwavering support she felt from her. Jiya emphasized that she now sees Palak as her confidant, someone she can rely on no matter the challenges that may arise. Touched by Jiya’s words, Palak became emotional, tears welling up as she embraced Jiya in a heartfelt hug.

    The episodes so far have been incredibly exciting, with something interesting always on the horizon, keeping the audience engaged and entertained throughout.