Hindustan Unilever concluded the previous week on a negative trajectory, facing a decline of 3.33% in its share price. From a technical standpoint, the immediate support level for Hindustan Unilever’s share price is projected at 2,472.13, while an immediate resistance level is identifiable at 2,558.33.

A potential scenario could unfold if the share price of Hindustan Unilever closes below the immediate support of 2,472.13, potentially triggering a significant breakdown. In such circumstances, a more robust support level is anticipated at 2,442.47 for the week ahead.

Conversely, on a positive note, an immediate resistance level looms at 2,558.33. A decisive close above this level could potentially signify a substantial breakout for Hindustan Unilever’s share price. Looking further ahead, a noteworthy resistance point of 2,614.87 might serve as a significant hurdle during the week.

For the upcoming trading week, Hindustan Unilever’s share price is expected to fluctuate within a range bounded by 2,385.93 on the downside and 2,644.53 on the upside.

Previous Week’s High: 2585.2 Previous Week’s Low: 2499 Previous Week’s Range: 86.2 Points

Stay informed about Hindustan Unilever’s share price movements throughout the approaching week as we analyze potential support and resistance levels, providing valuable insights to guide your trading decisions.