Hello friends, welcome once again to our new and fantastic article. If you also invest in the stock market, let us tell you that there are some stocks in the stock market that provide substantial returns to their investors in a short period and make them wealthy. On the other hand, there are also stocks that can lead to losses. So, with these ups and downs in mind, today we are going to talk to you about an auto company through this article.

The company’s shares have provided its investors with returns of over 100% in the last 6 months, making them significantly wealthier. So, do you also want to know the name of this auto company’s stock and all the details about its returns? Make sure to read our article to the end, and if you find the information provided by us useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also, please take a moment to rate us in the rating box below.

The auto company we are discussing is Banco Products (India) Ltd. The shares of this company have proven to be a multibagger for its investors, doubling their investment in the past 6 months. So, let’s delve into the complete information about the returns of the company’s shares.

Market Cap₹ 3,443 Cr.
Current Price₹ 481
High / Low₹ 514 / 177
Stock P/E12.8
Book Value₹ 140
Dividend Yield4.57 %
ROCE25.7 %
ROE23.8 %
Face Value₹ 2.00
Sales₹ 2,496 Cr.
Debt₹ 418 Cr.
Sales growth22.1 %
Profit after tax₹ 270 Cr.
Return over 3years72.7 %
Debt to equity0.42
Return on equity23.8 %
Promoter holding67.9 %
Industry PE29.8
Profit Var 3Yrs47.7 %
Sales growth 3Years17.9 %

This company operates in the Auto Ancillary sector. It is engaged in the manufacturing and supply of engine cooling modules and systems for automotive and industrial applications in both domestic and international markets.

Doubled investors’ money in 6 months.

Yes, indeed. The shares of this company have doubled investors’ money in the last 6 months. Over the past 6 months, the company’s shares have shown tremendous growth, rising from a price of 235.80 INR to 483 INR. The shares of the company have provided a remarkable return of 104.83% during this period.

Share Performance: Talking about the recent performance of the company’s shares, they have witnessed a 113% growth over the last 5 years, 113% over the past year, 104% in the last 6 months, and 46% in the last 1 month. Currently, the shares of this company are trading at 483 INR.

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